In Israel and around the globe, Passover is among the most celebrated Jewish festivals, as it is a time to unite as a family, enjoy a great feast and contribute to the Passover Seder (literally ‘order’).  Through the retelling of the story of the Exodus from Egypt, we connect with other Jews around the world and throughout history – a strong symbol of continuity and consistency.  But the Passover Seder also leaves room for improvisation, and each of us are encouraged to add new insights each year as we reflect on our birth as a nation and its connection to the present. 

As such, Passover is a fine example of the Jewish counterpoint between structure and spontaneity.  Though we all tell the same story in the same words, we each add something unique to make it our own.  Having relaunched Mosaic United with an incredible new team and exciting new partnerships, this festival speaks directly to our goals of working together with incredible leaders, initiatives and communities around the globe to help the next generation map out their own unique Jewish journeys. 

What follows are a few highlights to provide you with a taste of our ongoing efforts, including an overview of our success on college campuses (from the mouths of the educators and students themselves), our reflections on how to respond to mountinganti-Semitism, the launch of our service initiative, ‘Shalom Corps,’and some materials that can be used to inspire dialogue atyour own Seder table.

As we relive the Exodus this year, may we be inspired to discoversomething new, rejuvenateour connectionsto the past,and useour freedom for the betterment of all those around us! 

Chag Kasher V'Sameach/ Happy Passover,

Rabbi Benji Levy      
CEO, Mosaic United