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How is Mosaic United supporting engagement with Jewish youth?
Mosaic United acts as the ultimate amplifier, incubator, and connector, helping the most impactful and innovative Jewish organizations, educators and philanthropists around the world do more, better, quicker and with a broader reach.  By employing a “continuum strategy,” Mosaic United will reach young Jewish men and women ages 13-35 in the Diaspora and grow with them through every key stage of life, empowering them to develop deeper connections to their Jewish heritage and identities and forge stronger bonds with Israel.

How is Israel involved in Mosaic United?
Mosaic United leverages the support of Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs in the development of its new Jewish engagement model.  Ultimately, Mosaic United hopes to provide $150 million in collective impact throughout the Diaspora, and one third of that funding will come from the State of Israel.  The remaining funds will be raised from the organized Jewish world and private philanthropy. 

Is Mosaic United a non-profit organization?
No. Mosaic United is a public benefit corporation (PBC), which allows us to pursue our goals without excessive regulation.

Is Mosaic United affiliated with a particular branch of Judaism (Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, etc)?
No. Mosaic United is not aligned with any particular stream of Judaism. We work with those who support our mission of enhancing Jewish identity and connection to Israel. We work “across streams” to support and invest in educators who engage the next generation.  

Does Mosaic United have a political affiliation?
No. Mosaic United is not aligned with any political party or ideology and is designed to foster collaboration across party lines. We work with Jewish organizations and philanthropists in the U.S. and around the world to ensure that investments in the future of world Jewry pay dividends in action and in real, measurable impact.

What age range is Mosaic United focused on?  What is intended by the“next generation?"
Mosaic United is focused on strengthening Jewish identity and connection to Israel among young Jewish men and women between the ages of 13-35.  

How was Mosaic United created?
Mosaic United was conceived at a meeting in 2013 during which over 2,000 Jewish professionals, philanthropists and lay leaders from around the world shared their knowledge about Jewish heritage, identity and education, and decided that the development of a new paradigm of Jewish engagement was crucial.

How do I apply for a grant from Mosaic United?
Our formal grant application process is currently under development. Please use the Contact Us form to poseand grant-related questions.

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