Young Jews today -- individually and collectively -- enjoy more freedom to integrate into the world than at any time in our history. That freedom is a tremendous blessing, but it puts a new and challenging onus on the Jewish world to clarify how being Jewish fits in amidst so many possibilities. There is an unprecedented opportunity to showcase Judaism’s relevance to all aspects of life and worldly affairs, and to shed its light in new places and ways. Our responsibility is to show young people that Judaism is not an artifact of another time or place; rather it is full of practical meaning and value, enhancing experiences at home, work and play.

Mosaic United believes there is a way for us to be open, Jewish,  and united.

Our vision is an inspired, empowered, thriving Jewish people – connected with each other and the State of Israel -- illuminating the world.
Making this vision a reality is a daunting job.   We simply cannot do it on our own. We must work together, as a people.  As history has shown - from the founding of the State of Israel to the rescue of Soviet Jewry to the homecoming of Ethiopian Jews – we can achieve miraculous outcomes when diaspora and Israeli Jews come together. 

For the first time in history, the State of Israel is investing in the Diaspora – through Mosaic United – to build a thriving, pluralistic worldwide Jewish community that will ensure the future of our people.

There is a lot of exciting and important work already being done by dedicated Jewish organizations.  Mosaic United will partner with these innovators.  Our goal is to exponentially expand their effectiveness and impact by sharing our technology and our treasure. Mosaic United will be a catalyst in bringing together a powerful and passionate coalition of visionary philanthropists, dynamic organizations and the State of Israel - to inspire, connect, and empower young Jews like never before.
Together, we will break down the barriers between organizations and denominations.   We will celebrate what unites us as we look toward a global Jewish future larger than any one movement or any single point of view. Together our work will be stronger. Together our impact will last longer. As Mosaic United, we will build a stronger Jewish future. Together.